Transference is typically defined by psychologists, as redirecting one's personal feelings (and/ or, how one feels about something, and might proceed), unto others. When used as a therapy, this is often done, usually, where one blames the therapist, for a good sort of his sins, etc! Generally, this is often often associated with someone's anger/ angst, etc, and/ or, other hostile feelings/ emotions. it's believed by experts during this field, when one is unwilling, and/ or, fails to acknowledge this, it can often end in using, blaming others, as a kind of defense reaction , etc. what percentage times have we observed, President Trump, label others, and blame them, for a spread of behaviors, he seems to be guilty - of? thereupon in mind, this text will plan to , briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 samples of his using, what looks like , this behavior.

1. Calling someone crooked/ a criminal, etc: for somebody who has been blamed for, and there seems to be an outsized amount of evidence, he has committed certain improprieties, etc, he often lashes out, at some political opponent, labeling the individual, as being crooked, a criminal, etc. How can someone, so easily, consider somebody else , this way, when that individual, seems to possess been a participant in numerous , legally, morally, and ethically, questionable acts?

2. Mean/ nasty: This President seems to lash - out, against his opponents, and has often, labeled female opponents, as being mean, and/ or, nasty, etc! is that this , some, mere. political ploy, or, is it his inner feelings, about powerful women? When he ran for office, and was elected in 2016, he called his opponent, Hillary Clinton, by variety of derogatory terms! When, the now - Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, questioned Brett Kavanaugh, when he came, in - front - of, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and, did so, by asking challenging questions, which the nominee, appeared to have difficulty, handling, Trump mentioned her, as mean. He has often, called powerful women, Nasty, etc, including his name - calling about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. and a number of other others! Is he a sexist, threatened by women, or simply, a reputation - caller!

3. Liar: Isn't it funny, the individual, political fact - checkers, state, has lied, etc, at a faster, greater pace, than any name , in recent memory, often calls anyone, with different views and perspectives, a liar? He seems to enjoy calling the statements of others, Fake Facts, when he appears to be, the larger user of misstatements, etc.

4. Blaming others: Although, true leaders, assume personal responsibility, for love or money occurring, under - their - watch, Donald Trump has yet, to take, any degree of responsibility, for anything! Instead, he generally resorts to blaming others, liars, guilty, etc, including: the media; Democrats; former members of his administration; and/ or, those he knew, in other ways!

5. Handling economy: Before the pandemic, when the American economy, appeared to be performing, well (as it had, for the 6 years, before his assuming office). he often, bragged about how, only he, could have made the work market, strong, and therefore the performance of the stock market! However, this, smoke and mirrors, reality, made it look, stronger, and more sustainable, than it was! Whenever, anything went poorly, Trump resorted, to blaming and complaining, about others!


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