Expert Author Richard Brody
The power of a unified group, is, nearly always, far greater, than any individual! this is often , especially, true, and significant, when it comes/ applies, to how, our nation is governed, and what's achieved! Far too often, a public leader (or group of, so - called, leaders), appeared to put their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self - interest, before the greater good! because the lyrics, within the Beatles song, close , instructs us, close over me, which, if we applied to public leaders, would tell us, to do, all we will , to hitch together, if we hope to optimize, and enhance our actual, and potential results! Perhaps, one among the factors, which has driven, this somewhat - unfortunate era, of divisiveness, and overly - partisan politics, is our overall failure, to undertake to understand opposing views, seek footing , and a gathering - of - the - minds, and make this, all of our priorities! thereupon in mind, this text will plan to , briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this matters, for the greater good.

1. Justifications; just: Why does one believe, your behavior, and attitude, is a, just - one? What does one believe, once you hear, any public official, attempt to explain, and justify, his lack of beneficial actions, etc, with a series of excuses, and attempting to avoid any degree of private responsibility?

2. Optimize; organize; options; opinions: Too often, we are asked, as citizens, to accept, good - enough, rather than demanding better, more, and a greater emphasis on excellence! It takes the willingness to arrange matters, carefully, and, during a well - considered manner, so to require advantage of a radical consideration of the choices and alternatives, which could be most beneficial! Although, we are all entitled to our opinions, there are only, one set of real facts!

3. Integrity; interests; ideas; ideals: we'd like to elect people, who will perform all their duties, with absolute integrity! Political fact - checkers state, President Donald Trump, on the opposite hand, has focused on portraying his opinions and agenda, as actual facts! Whose interests should be represented, and the way can anyone, make a difference, for the higher , unless/ until, they do not merely accept an equivalent - old, same - old, but consider the best ideas, available? Shouldn't we demand, these politicians, merge their interests, with the commonweal , and represent the ideals, this nation, was founded, upon?

4. Needs; nuances; nerve: rather than emphasizing their political agenda, and self - interest, we'd like to elect, individuals, with the nerve, integrity, and empathy, to proceed, focused on our needs, and therefore the nation's specific nuances, etc!


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